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Institutional Members

ESEE institutional member list is growing time to time. Below is the Active members list in Alphabetical order.

  • ASA Trading
  • ASBEK Trading
  • BETA Engineering Services PLC
  • BELAYAB Cables
  • Construction Design Enterprises S co.
  • DAMA Trade PLC
  • Danotec Motions PLC
  • DefenseEngineering Collage
  • EL SWEDY Cables Ethiopia PLC
  • Electric World PLC
  • Electrical Engineering Systems (ABB) PLC
  • Equatorial Business Group PLC
  • Ethiopian Electric Agency
  • Ethiopian Electric Corporations (EEPCo )
  • Ethiopian Fire and Security PLC
  • Ethio Telecom
  • Geta Electromechanical Contractor and Trading Enterprise
  • Integrated Engineering
  • Midroc Energy House Electro Mechanical Services
  • SAFCON Electrical
  • Sigma Electric
  • Techical Services Development Enterprise